Why Everyone Should Love the Mid-Terms

Red Tuesday it’s been called. A joyous night for the Republicans. A night to forget for the Democrats. Really? Is this result one where one side has won and another lost, or instead is this a result where the country has won, Republicans and Democrats alike? I think so, and the answer is as obvious now as it was before the election ever took place.

Chuck Todd was the first I heard ask the question. How is a Republican led Senate any different than a Democrat led one? Maybe their will be no difference at all, but given that there was no argument which party would still be in control over the House, having the Senate led by Republicans and no Democrats potentially makes a huge difference in how we as a country can move forward from the gridlock.

Sure Democrats are unhappy. For some reason, they really, really, REALLY wish they still had control over the Senate. I really have to ask why? Why liberals are you so incensed about losing your majority? Why do you call out the Republicans and their backers as ignorant and having no care for anyone else in America except big business? Why do you only talk of the other party in the most unfair terms to make your positions seem so right and theirs so wrong? What would liberals have accomplished in the Senate the next 2 years if you had retained control? The answer is NOTHING! Anything significant you would want to do that followed your agenda would have been stopped in the House, plain and simple. This point isn’t even debatable. It’s a known fact for anyone who isn’t ignorant of how the world works.

So Democrats are unhappy because what they wanted to preserve was a system where they would accomplish nothing legislatively. Two more years of nothing and hope to retake the house in 2016. Unfortunately, no one sees the House changing to blue in 2016. It would take events so highly unlikely to occur that one could never justify sacrificing the country for two more years on the such a change occurring. It is nothing but cruel and selfish for any party to wish for that outcome, and Democrats who wished for such a scenario should be ashamed of themselves as human beings. So now two more years of gridlock only gets piled on with even more gridlock. Such a wonderful strategy for advancing the nation Democrats! Thanks, but no thanks!

The alternative, Republican control of the legislature. What’s the worst that could happen? (1) Let’s say the Republicans¬†do nothing. How does anyone think that works out for them in two years? (2) Let’s say the they pass all kinds of things. Does anyone think the President is just going to sign anything that comes to his desk? I didn’t think so. So no worries for the worst legislation you can dream of becoming law. But come 2016, the country will get to see which bills have been passed and denied becoming law and make an informed decision about their desire to have those measures become law, all with a completely identifiable culprit for either terrible bill passing or terrible bill blockage. Now that is¬†infinitely better than having zero bills passed where no identifiable culprit exists. Up until now we have had the Democratic Senate blaming the Republican House for not passing measures and vice versa. Is anyone en mass keeping track of specific measures that only die in the blockage of the opposing legislative body? No, but what people will keep track of are fully passed bills that either receive Presidential signature or veto. Now we can finally have accountability! This is why this election is such a winner for all Americans!

Yes Democrats, you lost, but you also won. If Republican ideas are so bad for the country, so out of touch with what voters want, then that will become readily apparent to the electorate over the next 2 years. If you are right, you will be returned to power, and when you are, maybe you will use your power wisely instead of so foolishly as you did after 2008. The country is the big winner though because we finally have someone to blame for the things we want not getting done. Either the Republicans are not going to send those things to the President or the President is not going to sign them into law upon presentation. Then the country can take an even bigger step towards getting the people into office who are going to pass the measures most important to us.